BOE Goals

The mission of the Litchfield Public Schools is to provide all students with appropriate academic and personal learning experiences within a safe and supportive educational environment. In partnership with our parents and community, we challenge every learner to acquire the knowledge, skills, and personal attributes needed to become productive and self-directed citizens.
      I.            Improve Student Learning and Outcomes
                     The Board will establish a curriculum review process and monitor the
                      alignment of curriculum to state and national standards.
    II.            Evaluation
                    The Board will evaluate the Superintendent of Schools by June 30, 2020.
   III.            Assessment
                     The Board will regularly review Academic Performance results including
                     NWEA, SBAC, CMT-Science, CAPT-Science, PSAT, SAT, and Advanced
   IV.            Fiscal
                     The Board will adopt a 0% increase to the local budget for the 2020-2021
     V.            Long-Term
                     The Superintendent, in coordination and with the approval of the joint
                     Long-Term Planning Committee, will plan, create, and implement a shared
                     central office for the two districts. This central office will be fully implemented
                     and operational for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.