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0100 Philosophy/Goals for the Litchfield Public Schools





The Litchfield Board of Education believes that the purpose of public education is to provide an environment in which all children develop responsibly to the optimum of their capabilities – physically, socially, emotionally, ethically and intellectually. The Litchfield Board of Education further believes it is the role of the schools to provide an opportunity for each student to attain the skills and abilities necessary to meet future educational and life challenges.

Board Goals

Goal 1: To set and meet high expectations for academic achievement for all students, in order to prepare them for productive adult life, continuing education and responsible citizenship.

Goal 2: To create a safe, secure and supportive environment for learning by meeting the fundamental needs of all learners.

Goal 3: To set standards for the performance of teachers and administrators leading to and evidenced by improved student learning.

Goal 4: To focus resources effectively, efficiently and equitably in order to support student achievement at high levels.

Goal 5: To encourage the direct involvement of all citizens in public education through communication with the community.

System Goals

Students will possess academic competencies and be prepared:

  • To become cooperative problem solvers.
  • To think independently, creatively, and critically.
  • To generate new knowledge.
  • To act honorably and responsibly.
  • To be kind and respectful.
  • To communicate effectively.
  • To take risks.
  • To take responsibility for their own continuous learning.
  • To use information wisely and competently.
  • To share ideas and resources with others.
  • To develop skills necessary for tomorrow's world.
  • To live in a global community.

Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: 12/14/1982
Policy Revised: 6/9/1987, 6/9/1992, 4/6/1999, 11/19/2008, 3/14/2018

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