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1110.1 REGULATION Individual Student and Educational Concerns


Administrative Regulation



Procedure for Re-evaluation of Instructional Materials

The following procedure shall be followed whenever there is a request for the evaluation of print and non-print material:

1. The Superintendent shall establish an ad hoc review committee broadly representative of:

a. teachers competent in the area of the content covered by the print or non-print material.

b. administrators, directors and supervisors appropriate to the level and/or subject for which material is used.

2. Objections to materials and requests for re-evaluation must be presented in writing. The Board of Education shall be informed that a written complaint has been filed.

3. Initial action on a written request shall be taken no later than fifteen school days after receipt of the request.

4. A written report from the review committee shall be submitted to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall then communicate their decision to the person requesting the re-evaluation.

5. Should the decision of the Superintendent not satisfy the person requesting the re-evaluation, the Board of Education may review the Superintendent's decision.

6. Once instructional material has been adopted and re-evaluated, the material cannot be subject to further review without special approval by the Board of Education. Challenged instructional materials shall remain in use in the schools pending final decision.

Litchfield Board of Education
Regulation Adopted: 4/12/1983
Regulation Reviewed: 10/1/1998, 11/5/2008
Regulation Revised: 7/23/2020

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