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1314 Fundraising




The Board of Education recognizes that certain types of fundraising activities may enhance the relationship between school and community and can contribute to the improvement of the school program. School districts, however, are public institutions fully supported by taxes and the Board has a clear responsibility to protect students, staff, and their families. Funds raised will be deposited into student activities account.

Solicitation and Fund Raising by Outside Organizations

Outside organizations are considered to be those which do not directly benefit the schools. The schools recognize the value of charitable organizations and therefore encourage students to take an interest in them. However, the schools shall not be used as an agency for fund raising purposes for outside organizations.

Written announcements for charitable non-profit organizations may be distributed with the permission of the building principal.

The Board of Education authorizes the sale of school-time insurance in grades K-12.

Solicitation and Fund Raising by School-Related Organizations, e.g., School Volunteers, PTO, STPC, AFS

School-related organizations are considered to be those which directly benefit the schools.

Fund raising activities should conform to the above Board of Education policy. School-related organizations may use school facilities to raise money for their organizations. Prices for articles to be sold, performances and other activities should be set at a rate consistent with the value of the article or program.

Solicitation and Fund Raising by Students for School Organizations and Classes

School organizations and classes are expected to observe the above Board of Education policy in all fund raising activities. They are permitted to use school facilities.

Student organizations may canvass area businesses for donations or for purchases of goods or services, with permission by the building Principal and the Superintendent.

An entity making a sizable donation for a substantive item may, request an identifying logo on the item if the board approves the appropriateness of the donor and design for a school audience.

Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: 12/14/1982
Policy Reviewed: 10/1/1998
Policy Revised: 11/19/2008, 5/2/2012, 12/5/2018

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