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2231 Policy and Regulation Systems

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Policy Manual

The Superintendent shall maintain an orderly plan for preserving and making accessible the policies adopted by the Board, the bylaws adopted by the Board and the regulations of the administration. These shall be published in a manual, maintained in current condition, and made available to all persons concerned.


Policies are statements of intent which are adopted by the Board of Education. They serve as guides to the administration in the development and implementation of regulations for operating the district.

The Board and Superintendent, recognizing the need for specific policies, will ask the Chair of the Policy Committee to develop policy statements for consideration, modification and adoption. Proposed policies will be presented to the Board and acted upon at the next Board meeting.


The Superintendent shall specify the required actions and the detailed arrangements under which the schools are to be operated. Those regulations and procedures are to be placed in the policies and regulations manual. The regulations shall be presented to the Board before implementation in the district, but the Board will not adopt a regulation unless requested to do so by the Superintendent or unless adoption is required by federal or state law. Administrative regulations must be consistent with the policies adopted by the Board of Education.

The Superintendent is responsible for the development and implementation of regulations. The Superintendent should assure that each regulation is complete, efficient, sufficient to the need, consistent with adopted Board policy, and capable of full implementation.


Bylaws are the rules governing the internal operations of the Board of Education. When need for a new bylaw, or modification of an existing bylaw is recognized, an ad hoc committee of the

Board will develop a new or modified bylaw for consideration, modification if necessary, and adoption.

Litchfield Board of Education

Policy Adopted: November 23, 1982
Policy Reviewed: October 1, 1998
Policy Reviewed: December 10, 2008

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