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3230.1 Federal Grants and Awards Administration




Federal Grants and Awards Administration (Federal Fiscal Compliance)

The Board of Education (Board) of the Litchfield Public Schools intends to administer federal grant awards efficiently and to comply with all requirements imposed by law, the awarding agency, the Connecticut Department of Education, and/or other applicable pass-through entities, and all requirements applicable to the use of federal funds. To the extent that any provision of a Board policy is contrary to a federal law, regulation, term, or condition applicable to a federal award, the applicable federal requirement must be followed.

The Superintendent or designee, in collaboration with the Federal Programs Coordinator and Business Manager, shall establish and maintain a sound financial management system to include internal controls and federal grant management standards covering the receipt of both direct and state-administered federal grants, and to track costs and expenditures of funds associated with grant awards.

A.Fiscal Management System

The District's financial management system shall be designed with strong internal controls, a high level of transparency and accountability, and documented procedures to ensure that all financial management system requirements are met.

Financial management standards and procedures shall assure that the following responsibilities are fulfilled:

1.Identification – the District accounts must identify the federal programs for which all federal awards were received and expended.

2.Financial Reporting – Accurate, current, and complete disclosure of the financial results of each federal award or program must be made in accordance with financial reporting requirements of the Education Department General Administrative Regulations.

3.Accounting results – the District must maintain records which adequately identify the source and application of funds provided for federally–assisted activities.

4.Internal controls - Effective control and accountability must be maintained for all funds, real and personal property and other assets. The District must adequately safeguard all such property and must assure that it is used solely for authorized purposes.

5.Budget Control – Actual expenditures or outlays must be compared with budgeted amounts for each federal award. Procedures shall be developed to establish determination for allowability of costs for federal funds.

6.Cash Management – The District shall maintain written procedures to implement cash management requirements.

7.Allowability of Costs – The District shall ensure that allowability is accurately determined and documented for all costs charged to each federal award.

B.Equipment and Supplies Purchased with Federal Funds

Equipment and supplies acquired with federal funds will be used, managed, and disposed of in accordance with applicable state and federal requirements. Property records and inventory systems shall be sufficiently maintained to account for and track equipment that has been acquired with federal funds.


All individuals responsible for the administration of a federal grant or award shall be provided sufficient training to carry out their duties in accordance with all applicable requirements for the federal grant or award.

D.Reporting Mismanagement of Federal Funds

Any employee who reasonably believes that federal funds have been misused or that the District is otherwise in violation of any requirement applicable to the receipt and use of federal funds should report the matter to the Superintendent or designee.

(cf. 3434 – Periodic Audit)
(cf. 3542 – Food Service)
(cf. 4133 – Travel Reimbursement)
(cf. 9270 – Conflict of Interest)

Legal References:
Uniform Administrative Requirements for Federal Awards, Title 2, Code of Federal Regulations – 2 CFR Part 200
Department of Education Direct Grant and State-Administered Programs, Title 34, Code of Federal Regulations – 34 CFR Part 75, Part 76
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Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: 1/3/2018

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