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3516 Safety




The Board of Education is committed to averting and resolving crises that may occur and may involve students, faculty, staff, or the total school community. Through its educational programs, student assistance teams, student support personnel, and other strategies and mechanisms, the public school system will strive to prevent crisis situations and to prepare its community members to address crises as they occur, and circumstances that may pose the threat of crisis.

School personnel, through training and with the aid of specialists, shall strive to identify possible crises and to intervene early and appropriately in the lives of children and families where the danger exists.

The district recognizes that schools are subject to a number of potentially disruptive events. These events include major crises. No school is immune no matter the size or location. The challenge, however, is to protect students as much as possible.

Being prepared for crises can enhance the district's effectiveness in responding to smaller incidents.

Precautionary measures against fire, explosion or other hazards shall be established, as shall drill and appropriate procedures to be followed by pupils and school personnel in the event of an emergency. Emergencies shall include but not be limited to fire, explosions and life-threatening weather conditions such as tornadoes and intrusion.

Precautionary measures for safety of pupils within school buildings and on streets and sidewalks in the vicinity of school buildings shall be established and observed including but not limited to the following:

1.Schools site administrators will acquire appropriate knowledge of crime-prevention measures and take greater responsibility in working with the Board and district to implement site security programs;

2.Schools will develop a comprehensive crisis management plan that incorporates resources available through other community agencies;

3.A school communications network will be established that links classrooms and playground supervisors with the front office or security staff;

4.School staff will be informed and regularly updated on safety plans through in-service training. The training will include certified staff, classified staff, part-time employees and substitute teachers, and may include parents and community volunteers;

5.Each building shall have a single visitor entrance which will be limited and monitored during the school day.

Legal References: Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-221(e) Boards of education to prescribe rules.

Litchfield Board of Education

Policy Adopted: June 21, 1983
Policy Revised: August 25, 1998
Policy Reviewed: August 26, 2009
Policy Rewritten: February 6, 2013

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