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3517 REGULATION Security of Buildings and Grounds




Incidents of illegal entry, theft of school property, vandalism or damage to school property from other causes will be reported by phone to the Office of the Superintendent, as soon after discovery as possible. A written report of the incident will be made within 24 hours of discovery.


All keys used in a school shall be the responsibility of the respective Principal. Requests for permanent issuance of keys shall be made only in those instances where the employee regularly needs a key in order to carry out normal activities necessitated by the position which the employee holds. When need for a particular key is of a temporary nature, a key shall be issued on that basis and shall be returned immediately following termination of the need for its use.

All keys shall be issued through the office of each Principal. A receipt showing the number of the key and room(s) or building(s) which it opens shall be signed by the person to whom the key is issued. This receipt shall be filed in lieu of the key and shall be returned to the employee upon return of the key.

Each Principal shall set up a key control system with a record of the number of each key filed.

The person issued a key shall be responsible for its safekeeping and shall pay for a duplicate key lost. Duplicate keys are obtained only through the district business office. The Board of Education prohibits the duplication of school keys otherwise.

Keys shall be used only by authorized employees and shall never be loaned to pupils.

The greatest care shall be given to master and sub-master keys. Master keys shall never be loaned.


Each building will have a central alarm system. Codes to access the alarm system will be provided to the principal and other persons as determined by the Superintendent. Alarm codes may never be given to any unauthorized person.

Electronic Access Cards

All electronic access cards shall be the responsibility of the Business Office.

An electronic access card shall be issued to each employee. Programming of the card for access to the school buildings shall be determined by the Principal or Director to whom the employee reports. The access card shall be de-activated by the Business Office at the termination of employment in the district. The Business Office shall maintain a control system with a record of each card issued.

The employee issued an electronic access card shall be responsible for its safekeeping and shall pay for a duplicate card. The Board prohibits loaning or sharing of electronic access cards.

Litchfield Board of Education

Regulation Adopted: June 21, 1983
Regulation Reviewed: October 1, 1998
Regulation Reviewed: August 26, 2009
Regulation Revised: February 6, 2013
Regulation Revised: September 19, 2013

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