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3541.5 REGULATION Transportation Safety Complaints




1.Bus Conduct Reports

Bus conduct reports are completed by the bus driver with the following information:

a.Students Name

b.Date of Incident

c.Bus Number

d.Driver's Name, and

e.The offense

The driver submits the report to the main office of the school the student attends. The Principal will investigate and complete the form with the action taken and distribute copies as follows:

White – Parent's Copy

Blue – School Office Copy

Pink – Transportation Copy (Business Office)

Yellow – Driver's Copy (Bus Company)

The Business Office maintains all records of bus conduct reports.

Upon request, a redacted copy of this information can be made available to the Board of Education.

2.Transportation Inquiries and Complaints

Transportation inquiries and complaints are collected and maintained by the Business Office. All transportation safety complaints must be specific as to:



c.Location of the incident

d.Name of the bus driver or number of the bus involved

e.Nature of the complaint

f.Names of witnesses

Based on the nature of the complaint, the Director of Business Operations may elect to take immediate action and/or forward the complaint to the appropriate authority including the school principal, police department, and Transportation Manager. The Director of Business Operations may respond in writing to the complainant within 30 days.

Each transportation safety complaint with its response will be available for review by the Superintendent.

Transportation complaints will be reported to the Board of Education annually, or more often as requested.

Litchfield Public Schools
Regulation Created: 9/20/2018

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