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3541.6 REGULATION Bus and Van Accident Management

3541.6 REG



Notification of Superintendent

The Principal of the home school and the Central Office staff will notify the Superintendent of a bus accident as soon as the information is available. Notification should include:

1. The bus driver and number/route of the bus

2. The exact location of the accident

3. The number of students still on the bus at the time of the accident

4. Whether or not any injuries have occurred

All communications to the general public and the press will be made by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Delegation to the Scene of Accident

The Principal or his/her designee from the home school will go to the accident scene for the purposes of student identification, provision of pertinent medical health status information, and emotional support.

The Principal or his/her designee will bring to the scene of the accident:

1. An emergency folder with the names, dates of birth, addresses and contact information for students on the bus

2. The day's absence list, when the accident occurs on an afternoon bus.

The Principal or his/her designee will count and verify the names of children on bus and initiate a phone call alert from the school to the parents of those children remaining on the bus providing them with accurate information regarding the accident and instructions for parents' appropriate response.

The police/paramedics will make decisions regarding treatment and hospitals to which injured students will be taken.

The Principal or his/her designee will go to the emergency room with children whose parents are not yet at the scene. The Principal or his/her designee(s) will remain with student(s) until parent(s) arrives at the ER. In the event that there are several children going to more than one hospital, the Principal will designate additional staff to accompany all affected students.

Follow-Up to the Accident

The Principal or his/her designee will:

1. Arrange for support for uninjured siblings returned to school in event an injured sibling has been taken to ER.

2. Establish a plan for parents to either touch base with or pick up uninjured children at school, if appropriate

3. Notify crisis intervention teams from schools within the system for possible assistance

4. If appropriate, provide crisis intervention on the day of the accident, or the next day following an accident, for children who were not directly involved in the accident

Injury and Accident Reports

Injury reports, using the District's injury report form, will be filled out by the school nurse for every injured child involved in the accident and filed in the student's health record along with their physician's note for re-entry, sent to the Board of Education and, if necessary, necessary copies will be sent to the insurance company by the business manager.

Accident reports will be obtained from the Police department, retained by the Director of Transportation, and given to the insurance company as required.

Litchfield Public Schools

Regulation created: 7/29/2015