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4111 REGULATION Recruitment and Selection Procedures


Administrative Regulation



Application for teacher vacancies will be solicited from the following:

  1. Career counseling and placement offices at private and public colleges and universities.
  2. State Department teacher vacancy units, including out of state agencies when appropriate.
  3. Association literature and selected organizations.
  4. Administrators and local L.E.A.'s
  5. On-line services, such as CTREAP.

Applications will be screened by the administration. Applications may be eliminated from consideration if incomplete. Building principals, and if applicable Content Coordinators, will be involved in the selection process. Experience and references will be checked, either by telephone or email. Candidates may be required to participate in a performance assessment as part of the selection process.

Candidates will be reviewed by the interviewing team. Evaluations will be tabulated with recommendations made. Top candidates will be invited back for follow up interviews, and will be asked to teach a demonstration lesson.

Final candidates will be interviewed by a central office administrator and the building principal. Additional staff members may be involved if requested.

The candidate chosen will be recommended to the Board of Education. Materials used during the selection process will be presented to the Board to support the Superintendent's recommendation.

Litchfield Board of Education
Regulation Adopted: November 9, 1982
Regulation Reviewed: October 1, 1998
Regulation Revised: May 4, 2011

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