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4112.5 and 4212.5 Security Check - Fingerprinting

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In order to create a safe environment for students, all offers of employment to certified and non-certified staff will be conditional upon the successful outcome of a state and national criminal record check within 30 days of an offer of employment. District students employed by the school system are exempted from the prior requirement. In addition, any person applying for employment with the Board shall submit to a record check of the Department of Children and Families Child Abuse and Neglect Registry before the person may be hired.

Applicants, as required, shall make disclosures containing (1) current and past employers' contact information; (2) authorization allowing contact with such employers; and (3) statements about any past misconduct, discipline, or licensure penalties as a result of sexual misconduct or abuse allegations.

The District, prior to hiring such applicants, applicants, will (1) ensure that they complete the above stated three requirements; (2) review applicants' employment history after making a documented, good faith effort to contact previous employers for information; and (3) request any available information about applicants from SDE.

The background/reference checks shall be done in compliance with the statutory guidelines contained in Board policy # 4112.51/4212.51, amended.

Student teachers placed in District schools as part of completing preparation requirements for the issuance of an educator certificate shall also be required to undergo the same criminal background checks already required for school employees.

Criminal Justice Information

Criminal Justice Information (CJI) is to be maintained in accordance with the administrative regulation pertaining to the use and disclosure of criminal justice information. Information discovered pursuant to these record checks shall not be disclosed to any person within the District other than the Superintendent and their Administrative Assistant.

(cf. 4112.51/4212.51 – Employment/Reference Checks)

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Litchfield Board of Education
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