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4112.6 and 4212.6 FORM B Objection to Disclosure of Records

4112.6 / 4212.6

Form B


Litchfield Public Schools


This is a notice of formal objection to the disclosure of the personnel records of [name of employee] as described in the notice dated [date of notification memo] of a request for those records under the Freedom of Information Act. I have reason to believe that the disclosure of:

_________ all the requested records

_________ the following records only: _____________________________________


will constitute an invasion of the employee's personal privacy. Under penalty of false statement, I declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, there is good ground to support the objection and the objection is not made for delay.


(Signature of Employee or (Date)

Collective Bargaining Representative)

Litchfield Board of Education
Form Adopted:2/23/2011
Form Reviewed:10/8/2020

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