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4118.22 and 4218.22 REGULATION Drug Free Workplace

4118.22 / 4218.22

Administrative Regulation



The Litchfield Board of Education working with the Superintendent will provide a drug-free workplace in accordance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1989 and its implementing regulations. The Board of Education certifies that it will:

  1. Notify all employees in writing that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in the district's workplace and specify the actions that will be taken against employees for violation of such prohibitions.
  2. Establish a drug-free awareness program to inform employees about the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace; the district's policy of maintaining a drug-free workplace; any available drug counseling, rehabilitation, and employee assistance programs; and the penalty that may be imposed on employees for drug abuse violations occurring in the workplace.
  3. Make it a requirement that each employee be given a copy of the statement concerning a drug-free workplace.
  4. Notify the employee in the required statement that as a condition of employment the employee will abide by the terms of the statements, and will notify the district of any criminal drug statute conviction for a violation occurring in the workplace no later than five days after such conviction.
  5. Notify the appropriate federal agency within ten days after receiving notice that the drug-free workplace act of 1989 has been violated.
  6. Take one of the following actions within 30 days of receiving notice with respect to any employee who is so convicted; take appropriate personnel action against such an employee, up to and including termination; or require such employee to participate satisfactorily in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program approved for such purposes by a federal, state or local health law enforcement, or other appropriate agency.
  7. Make a good faith effort to continue to maintain a drug-free workplace through implementation of all the provisions of this policy.

Legal Reference: Drug-Free Workplace Act. 102 Stat. 4305-4308.
54 Fed. Reg. 4946 (1989)

Litchfield Board of Education
Regulation Adopted: February 11, 1992
Regulation Reviewed: October 1, 1998
Regulation Reviewed: August 10, 2011

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