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4118.23 and 4218.23 Electronic Surveillance

4118.23 / 4218.23



The Board of Education recognizes the district's continuing responsibility to maintain and improve discipline, and ensure the health, welfare and safety of its staff and students on school transportation vehicles and on school grounds.

The Board of Education, after having carefully weighed and balanced the rights of privacy of students and staff with the district's duty to ensure discipline, health, welfare and safety of staff and students in school vehicles and on school grounds, has endorsed the use of electronic surveillance.

Electronic surveillance may be used to monitor activity in school vehicles and on school grounds. Electronic devices will be placed only in common areas and not in areas where students and school personnel have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

A.Recordings may be utilized as an aid to enforcement of existing Board of Education and bus company policies and procedures.

B.At all times the rights of the students shall be protected in accordance with prevailing law.

C.On school buses, the bus company will purchase, install, maintain, and operate all surveillance equipment at its own expense. The equipment will remain the property of the bus company.


  1. Record Keeping: The bus contractor will maintain a log of when and where surveillance equipment is being used on their vehicles.
  2. Random Viewing: The Superintendent of Schools, Director of Business Operations, Administrators, the Board of Education or the Manager of the Bus Company or his/her designee shall review recordings at their discretion.
  3. Storage: Records shall be held for a period of fourteen days before being deleted or over-written. Records may be saved for as long as necessary if needed in the investigation of a disciplinary procedure.
  4. Recorded Infraction: In the event of a recorded infraction, the records shall be available to the Superintendent of Schools, Director of Business Operations, Administrators, the Board of Education or the Manager of the Bus Company or his/her designee. The record is viewed as an aid to existing Board of Education and Bus Company policies.
  5. Secure Storage: Recorded infractions shall be stored in a secure manner. Only those designated individuals may access the records.
  6. Warning notice: Publication of this policy shall be deemed as notice of the right of the schools and bus company to engage in electronic surveillance as set forth above.

Evidence of student or staff misconduct may be used in disciplinary proceedings and, in appropriate cases, shared with law enforcement officials where there is evidence of criminal activity.

The district shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws related to electronic recordings when, as determined by the district and in accordance with law, such recordings are considered for retention as a part of the student's behavioral record or a staff member's personnel record. Such records will also be subject to established district student records and personnel records procedures including access, review and release of such records.

The Superintendent shall develop regulations as may be required for the implementation of this policy.

Legal Reference: Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-221 Boards of Education to prescribe rules
Education of the Handicapped Act of 1975, as amended.
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Litchfield Board of Education
Policy adopted: December 14, 2011
Policy Reviewed: September 11, 2013

Also see Policy 5131.11 Electronic Surveillance

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