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4151 Leaves




Since there may be good and sufficient reason requiring the absence of a teacher from school, the Board reserves the right to grant additional leave at its discretion.

Employed personnel of the school district may need to be absent for several reasons:

  1. Those beyond their control, such as personal sickness or injury, jury duty, military service or emergencies;
  2. Those governed by compassion or conviction, such as family illness, bereavement, and other personal reasons;
  3. Those stemming from occupational status such as attendance at meetings, conventions, in- service courses and seminars, and other patterns of additional study;
  4. Those provided by scheduled vacations.

The Board of Education recognizes that absences for such reasons are justifiable and will provide for employee absences as authorized by law and negotiated agreements with bargaining units. At such time as the Board is called upon to consider a request for emergency leave in accordance with the regulations drafted by the superintendent, the Board's decision shall take into consideration the following factors:

    • The teacher has exhausted all Personal Days available under their existing contract.
    • The event giving cause to the application represents a major difficulty to the teacher.
    • The event can only reasonably be scheduled at a time which interferes with the teacher's normal classroom activities.
    • An alternate cannot reasonably be expected to assume the teacher's role in dealing with the situation.
    • The teacher's absence will not have an unusually adverse effect on student achievement.

The Board will proceed with greater caution if the request for leave exceeds a few days.

Discussion of the Leave of Absence request will be held in Executive Session, if appropriate, to protect the teacher's privacy. The teacher may choose, in writing, to hold the discussion in Open Session. Under either option, the teacher is invited and urged to be present at all Board deliberations of the request for leave.

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Litchfield Public Schools
Policy Adopted: February 26, 1985
Policy Reviewed: September 8, 1998
Policy Rewritten: May 16, 2012

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