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5113 REGULATION Attendance and Excuses


Administrative Regulation



Responsibility of Parents

Students are expected to be in school on all days listed in the school calendar. If a student is expected to be absent for an extended time, the parent must advise the school staff in advance. When returning to school after an absence, an explanation by the parent or guardian explaining the absence is required.

Responsibility for missed classwork including homework, quizzes and exams, lies with the student, not the teacher. Scheduling of the make-up work will be arranged by the classroom teacher with the student, and completed within 5 days after the student returns to school.

At the High School level, no make-up privileges will be allowed for students who are truant, as defined in Policy #5113.2.

Limited Absences

Limited absence with parental consent is considered to be fewer than four absences in any one month or ten absences in any one school year.

Excessive Absences

When absences, excused or unexcused, exceed ten (10) school days, a conference involving parents and school staff will be established. Conferences can be called earlier when frequent absences are deemed to be impairing the student's academic progress. The purpose will be to review all matters related to the absences and to plan an appropriate course of action, including referral to legal authorities.

Litchfield Board of Education
Regulation Adopted: 6/11/1985
Regulation Reviewed: 10/1/2008, 10/14/2009, 8/15/2012

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