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5113.2 Truancy




The Board of Education recognizes the importance of early intervention for students exhibiting truancy behavior. A "truant" means a child from Grade One through Grade Twelve who is enrolled in the Litchfield Public Schools and has four unexcused absences from school in any one month or ten unexcused absences from school in any school year.

An "excused absence" is an absence from a regularly scheduled school day for:

a.Reasons of student health, including student illness, incapacity or doctor's visits. The district reserves the right to require a physician or other appropriate certification for absences in excess of five consecutive days or a total of fifteen days in any school year.

b.Religious obligation.

c.Court appearance.

d.Death in family.

e.Approved school activities.

f.Suspension or expulsion.

g.Limited absence from school with parental consent.

Under Connecticut law, the Board has adopted the following policy to address truancy:

1. a. A meeting shall be held with the parent of each child who is truant, or other person having control of such child, and appropriate school personnel to review and evaluate the reasons for the child being a truant.

b. The meeting must be held no later than ten school days after the child's fourth unexcused absence in a month or tenth unexcused absence in a school year.

c. If the parent or other such person having control of a child who is truant fails to attend the above-described meeting OR if such parent or other person otherwise fails to cooperate with the school in attempting to solve the truancy problem, the Superintendent of Schools may file a written legal complaint for each truant with the appropriate agency alleging the belief that the acts or omissions of the child are such that their family is a family with service needs.

2.The Board shall coordinate services with and referrals of children to community agencies providing child and family services.

3.The Board shall, either on an annual basis or at the beginning of each school year, obtain the telephone number or other means of contacting such parent or other person having control of each child in grades kindergarten to twelve during the school day.

4.The Board shall institute a system of monitoring the unexcused absences of children in grades kindergarten to eight. The "monitoring system" shall include:

Whenever a child enrolled in school in any such grade fails to report to school on a regularly scheduled school day AND the school has received no indication that the child's parent or other person having control of the child is aware of the pupil's absence, a reasonable effort to notify by telephone the parent or such other person shall be made by school personnel or volunteers under the direction of school personnel.

5.The Board shall provide annual notice of this policy and the related requirements under Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-184 to parents or other such individual(s) having control over pupils that attend grades kindergarten to grade twelve of the Litchfield Public Schools.

Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: 9/8/1992
Policy Revised: 11/17/1998, 10/14/2009, 5/17/2017
Policy Reviewed: 8/15/2012

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