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5118 Non Resident Attendance




The Board of Education may approve requests for school attendance in the district for children living outside the district. Tuition shall be charged for each request unless specifically waived as set forth in this policy. The following are accepted reasons for the admission of students who reside outside of district:

1.When the class enrollments in the district will permit the addition of out-of-district students and a tuition fee to be set annually by the Board of Education is paid by the out-of-district parents or guardian.

2.As part of a cooperative plan with neighboring school districts.

3.When a family is moving into the district but does not have a legal residence at the time the school year commences. The tuition may be waived for a period not to exceed six weeks except under extenuating circumstances which bar the family from establishing legal residence within the six (6) week period. However, the extension of the tuition waiver period shall terminate within a reasonable and foreseeable period of time.

4.To complete a school year when the parents have moved out of the district during the school year. A pro rata tuition rate will be charged unless the time remaining is six weeks or less, when the tuition requirement may be waived by the Board of Education.

5.On a student-for-student basis when equal numbers of students transfer between two districts.

6.When the class enrollments in the district will permit the addition of out-of-district students, on a space available basis, in order to improve academic achievement and to reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation or preserve racial and ethnic balance.

An exception to the tuition requirement may be made by the Board of Education for students to complete their Senior year in High School provided that:

1. The High School Principal and the Superintendent of Schools so recommend.

2. The student has been in attendance during the previous school year and has made a positive contribution to the Litchfield School system over a period of years.

Legal Reference: Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-33 Tuition in towns in which no high school is maintained.
Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-55 Pupils to attend regional school.
Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-253 Children placed out by commissioner of social service or other agency (as mended
by P.A. 83-88).

Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: August 13, 1985
Policy Revised: November 27, 1990
Policy Reviewed: October 1, 1998
Policy Revised: December 8, 2010
Policy Revised: October 3, 2012

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