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5125 Student Records Confidentiality and Access to Student Records





The Litchfield Board of Education ("Board") shall comply with the state and federal regulations regarding confidentiality and access to and amendment of student records. The Board shall implement procedures that protect the privacy of parents and students while providing proper access to records. Availability of these procedures shall be made known annually to parents of students currently in attendance and eligible students currently in attendance.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for ensuring that all requirements under federal and state statutes shall be carried out by the district. He/she will develop procedures (administrative regulations) providing for the following:

1.Annually informing parents of their rights.

2.Permitting parents to inspect and review educational records, including, at least, a statement of the procedure to be followed by a parent or eligible student who requests to inspect and reviewed the educational records, with an understanding that the procedure may not deny access to educational records; a description of the circumstances in which the district feels it has a legitimate cause to deny a request for a copy of such records; a schedule of fees for copies; and a listing of the types and locations of education records maintained by the school and the tittles and addresses of school officials responsible for those records.

3.Not disclosing personally identifiable information from a student's education records without the prior written consent of the student's parent, except as otherwise permitted by administrative regulations; including at least a statement of whether the school will disclose personally identifiable information from the records to other school officials within the school who have been determined by the school to have legitimate educational interests, and, if so, a specification of the criteria for determining which parties are "school officials" and what the school considers to be a "legitimate educational interest"; and a specification of the personally identifiable information to be designated as directory information.

4.Maintaining the record of disclosures of personally identifiable information from a student's education records and permitting a parent to inspect the records.

5.Providing a parent with an opportunity to seek the correction of the student's education records through a request to amend the records or a hearing, and permitting the parent or an eligible student to place a statement in the education records of the student.

6.Guaranteeing access to student records to authorized persons within the time period set forth in the applicable statute.

7.Assuring security of student records.

8.Enumerating and describing the student records maintained by the school system.

9.Annually informing parents under what conditions that their prior consent is not required to disclose information.

10.Ensuring the orderly retention and disposition, per applicable state statutes, of the district's student records.

11.Notifying parents of secondary school students that it is required to release the student's name, address and telephone listing to military recruiters and institutions of higher learning upon request. Parents or eligible students may request that the district no release this information, and that the district will comply with the request.

12.Notifying parents annually of the district's policy on the collection or use of personal information collected from students for the purpose of marketing or selling that information or otherwise providing that information to others for that purpose, including arrangements to protect student privacy that are provided by the agency in the event of such collection, disclosure or use.

Legal References: 34 CFR 99.1 - 99.67
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Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: August 13, 1985
Policy Revised: November 17, 1998
Policy Revised: June 11, 2002
Policy Revised: August 14, 2013

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