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5126 Awards for Achievement




The Board of Education encourages the administration and faculty to maintain a set of criteria and procedures for presenting suitable awards to students for scholarship and distinguished service in any school activity. In all cases, the relationship between the award and the relevant goal or goals of the schools should be pointed out. Criteria for determining the awards shall be clearly established by the administration and faculty and disseminated to faculty, students and parents.

The administration and faculty are authorized to review and approve, or reject, proposed trophies, prizes, scholarships or other awards from non-school donors.

All honors and awards presented to the students by the schools shall serve as an incentive to enrich their school program and to stimulate their level of thinking and living. All honors, awards, and scholarships presented by the schools shall be awarded strictly on the merits of the student receiving them.

Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: August 13, 1985
Policy Reviewed: October 1, 1998
Policy Revised: September 11, 2013

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