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5131.1 REGULATION Bus and Van Conduct





The following regulations have been established for the safety and protection of all students and drivers.

Routes and Stops

Students will be assigned to ride the bus or van per their designated route and stop. The only changes in assigned route and bus stop will be for established day-care provisions or established afterschool activities, i.e. a weekly piano lesson or a publicized library program.

If a regular alternate schedule needs to be arranged, parents/guardians must submit written notice to the school prior to the start of the school year or two weeks in advance. Only in the case of a rare emergency may parents contact the school to make an alternate route or bus stop change. Changes in bus routes will not be accommodated for playdates, parties, unestablished activities, and so on.

If a parent or guardian is not home at the time of a scheduled afterschool drop-off, the child will be returned to the home school where the parent can pick the child up as soon as possible. If a child is returned to his/her home school three (3) times, parents must conference with the school Principal and/or the Director of Transportation and the child may lose bus privileges.

Students are expected to:

1.Be courteous to other students and respectful to the bus driver at all times;
2.Arrive promptly at their bus stops and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board;
3.Wait for the driver to signal them when crossing the street in front of the bus;
4.Enter or leave the bus only at the front door except in cases of emergency;
5.File on and off bus in an orderly manner, with no rushing or pushing;
6.Immediately take a seat when they enter the bus and remain seated while the bus is en route. Kneeling and standing on seats are not allowed;
7.Keep arms and hands inside the bus and never out the windows. Windows are to be regulated under the supervision of the driver;
8.Help keep the bus clean, sanitary and orderly and shall not damage the bus, its cushions or its equipment;
9.Always check to make sure they have not left personal belongings on the bus,

Students may NOT do any of the following:

1.Throw paper, hats, books, lunches, garbage or any other items while on the bus or near the bus or out the windows;
2.Engage in distracting behavior such as loud, excessive noise, unacceptable language -- including swearing and inappropriate conversations -- roughhousing, fighting.
3.Use phones or iPods to take pictures or for filming purposes;
4.Carry, transfer, store or use weapons, illegal substances or articles of an injurious or objectionable nature;
5.Possess or use unauthorized drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, tobacco products or alcohol;
6.Leave the bus without permission of the driver or school authorities except at student's home or at the school;
7.Violate any other Board policy or rule while using school transportation.

Violation of Bus Conduct Policy

Students violating these rules will be reported by the bus or van driver to the school administration via the "Bus Conduct Report" for action:

1.First Offense: Principal will talk with the offending students and notify the parents; copy will be sent home.
2.Second Offense: Principal will notify the student's parents stating the violation and warning that any further violations will result in the student being suspended from riding the bus for up to five (5) days.
3.Third Offense: Automatic suspension from bus privileges, up to five (5) days.
4.Additional Offenses: Up to ten (10) day suspension for each offense up to the limit specified by State Statute (50 days)

Students who willfully damage or deface a bus may be held liable for such damage. An investigation by the school administration in conjunction with the bus management company will be conducted to determine cause.

Litchfield Public Schools
Regulation Written: 8/12/2015

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