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5131.4 REGULATION Elementary School Technology


Elementary School Regulation



Student Use of the District's Computer Systems and Internet Safety

Reasons for this Policy

The Litchfield Board of Education provides students and teachers with a Computer Network and access to the Internet. Therefore, the Board of Education must also write guidelines so that the network and Internet are used properly. Every year, everyone who will use a computer in the Litchfield Schools must read the policy and agree to follow the rules. Some of these rules are for school use. Some of the rules apply even when you are at home. Everyone agrees to follow these rules by signing the Regulations for Acceptable Use Contract.

If you forget the rules, a copy of the rules can be found on your school's website in the left menu or at: http://www.litchfieldschools.org/.

The Rules:

  1. I will use the school computers and school Internet for school-related purposes only.
  1. If I am unsure if what I want to do is OK, I will ask a teacher.
  1. I will not view or download UNACCEPTABLE pictures or information from the Internet. I understandthat theseare examples of the kinds of things I cannot view or download:pictures of nakedpeople,mean-spirited pictures or gossip about other students, adult cartoons, andviolent pictures or stories of people being cruelly hurt byother people.
  1. I will not DELETE another person'swork onthe computer.I will not COPY another person's work using the computer.
  1. I will not TOUCH otherstudents'computers while they areloggedon, unless they ask me for help and theteacher says it is OK to help.
  1. I will not FORGE somethingon the computer.This means I will not put someone else's nameon something that is bador not permitted,even whenworkingon the computer at home.
  1. I will not use another student's or a teacher's personal informationfor anyreason, including their LOG-IN names and PASSWORDS.
  1. I will not do anything to DAMAGE the computer equipment or the files.

  1. I will not REMOVE or SWITCH the mice, cables, or keyboards or letters unless I am asked to do so by a teacher.
  1. I will not SWEAR or use impolite languagewhen I am online, evenwhen working on the computer at home.
  1. I will not pretend to besomeone else online and THREATEN or make hurtful commentsabout other people, evenwhen workingon the computer at home.
  1. I will not play GAMES on the Internetat school, unless I havea teacher's permission.
  1. I will not BUY something or SELL something on the Internetat school.
  1. I will not TELL any personal information onthe Internet– I will not tell my last name, my address, mytelephone number, my school address,or anyinformation about my parents to someone on the Internet.
  1. I will not MEET with anyone I have talked to on the Internet, even when working on the computer at home.
  1. I knowthe useof a computer andthe Internetis a privilege, not a right.
  1. I know breakingthe rules may mean I lose the right to use the computers or
  2. Internet atschool.
  1. I will not take food or drinks near any computers.

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Litchfield Public Schools
Regulation Effective: 6/25/2015

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