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5131.4 REGULATION Secondary School Technology


Secondary School Regulation



Student Use of the District's Computer Systems and Internet Safety

Reasons for These Regulations

Litchfield Board of Education ("LBOE") is providing a computer network and Internet access for its students and teachers. This service allows teachers and students to share information, learn new concepts, research diverse subjects, and create and maintain school-based websites.

The "Regulations for Acceptable Use of Technology" (RAUT) provides guidelines for accessing the LBOE Computer Network and/or the Internet service provided by LBOE. Every year, students who want computer network and Internet access for that upcoming school year need to sign and return these "Regulations for Acceptable Use of Technology" to the school within the first two weeks of school in order to maintain their access to technology. In addition, students must have their parents or guardians sign this RAUT. By signing this agreement, the student and parent or guardian agree to follow the rules set forth in this RAUT and to report any misuse of the computer, the LBOE Computer Network, and/or the Internet to a teacher or supervisor. Parties agreeing to this policy also understand LBOE may revise the Regulations for Acceptable Use Policy from one year to the next or when necessary.

LBOE will provide notice of any changes either by posting a revised version of the RAUT on its website or by providing written notice to the students, employees, and parents or guardians. To obtain access to the LBOE Computer Network and the Internet, students must also follow any school procedures developed at the school site. Each student who qualifies may access the

LBOE Computer Network or Internet. The student is required to change the password when prompted and routinely thereafter. The account may only be used during the time the user is a student of the LBOE. Anyone who receives an account is responsible for making sure it is used properly and the password is never given to anyone outside of the Information Technology Staff. Nor should the password be written down and posted to a wall near the computer, taped under the keyboard, or in any way made easy for another person to uncover. The IT staff will only request a user password if a staff member's or student's account requires service, and, as a courtesy, the IT staff can avoid resetting that account to a default password state.

Acceptable Uses of the LBOE Computer Network or the Internet

  • The account provided by LBOE should be used only for educational purposes.
  • If a student is uncertain about whether a particular use of the LBOE Computer Network or the Internet is appropriate, he or she should consult a teacher or the IT Help Desk.

Unacceptable Uses of the LBOE Computer Network or the Internet

The following uses of the account provided by LBOE are unacceptable:

1. Uses that violate any state or federal law or municipal ordinance are unacceptable.

Unacceptable uses of the LBOE Computer Network include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Selling or purchasing any illegal substance;
  • Accessing, transmitting, or downloading child pornography, obscene depictions, harmful materials, or materials that encourage others to violate the law;
  • Transmitting or downloading confidential information or copyrighted materials;
  • Uses that involve the accessing, transmitting, or downloading of inappropriate matters on the Internet, as determined by the school board, local educational agency, or other related authority;
  • Uses that involve obtaining and/or using anonymous email or web proxy sites.

2. Uses that cause harm to others or damage to their property are unacceptable.

Unacceptable uses of the LBOE Computer Network include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Deleting, copying, modifying, or forging other users' emails, files, or data;
  • Accessing other users' email without their permission, and as a result of that access, reading or forwarding the other user's emails or files;
  • Damaging computer equipment, files, data, or the LBOE Computer Network;
  • Using profane, abusive, or impolite language online;
  • Disguising one's identity, impersonating other users, or sending anonymous email messages;
  • Threatening, harassing, or making defamatory or false statements about others;
  • Accessing, transmitting, or downloading offensive, harassing, or disparaging materials;
  • Accessing, transmitting, or downloading computer malware (virus, spyware, etc.) or other harmful files or programs, or in any way degrading or disrupting any computer system performance, including games or chat software.
  • Accessing, transmitting or downloading large files, including "chain letters" or any type of "pyramid schemes";
  • Using any LBOE computer to pursue "hacking," internal or external to LBOE, or attempting to access information that is protected by privacy laws.

3. Uses that jeopardize access or lead to unauthorized access into Accounts or other computer networks are unacceptable.

Unacceptable uses of the LBOE Computer Network include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Using other users' account passwords or identifiers;
  • Disclosing one's account password to other users or allowing other users to use one's account;
  • Writing down the password and posting to a wall near the computer, or taping the password under the keyboard, or in any way making it easy for another person to uncover the password;
  • Getting unauthorized access into other users' accounts or other computer networks;
  • Interfering with other users' ability to access their accounts.
  • Taking any remote control of another computer system, unless under the guidance/direction of the IT Staff.

4.Commercial Use Guidelines:

Purchases over the Internet for a project, such as supplies for a class project, are permissible only with teachers' and parents' permission.

Unacceptable uses of the LBOE Computer Network include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Selling or buying anything over the Internet for personal financial gain;
  • Using the Internet for advertising, promotion, or financial gain;
  • Conducting for-profit business activities.

5.Internet Safety:

LBOE will implement filtering and/or blocking software to restrict access to Internet sites containing pornography, obscene depictions, or other harmful materials. The software will work by scanning for objectionable words or concepts, as determined by LBOE and Connecticut Educators Network (CEN). However, no software is foolproof, and there is still a risk an Internet user may be exposed to a site containing such materials.

  • A user who incidentally connects to such a site must immediately disconnect from the site and notify a teacher or supervisor.
  • If a user sees another user accessing inappropriate sites, he or she should notify a teacher or supervisor immediately.
  • Students shall not reveal on the Internet personal information about themselves or about other persons. For example, students should not reveal their full names, home addresses, telephone numbers, school addresses, or parents' names on the Internet. Final responsibility for putting personal information on the Internet rests with the individual. Not only on the LBOE Computer Network, but anywhere, it is strongly recommend that users go to great lengths to determine legitimacy of any online organization.
  • Students shall not meet in person in a secluded place or a private setting anyone they have met on the Internet.
  • Students shall not meet in person in any place anyone they have met on the Internet without their parent's permission. LBOE will not endorse of any type of meeting with persons students have met on the Internet without pre-approval in writing.
  • Account users will abide by all school security policies.

Privacy Policy:

The School District Administration has the authority to monitor, inspect, copy, review, and store at any time and without prior notice all accounts, including email and any all information transmitted, received, and/or created on any computer or user account. All such materials are the property of LBOE.

  • Account users do not have any right to, or expectation of, privacy regarding such materials.
  • Each account user of the LBOE Computer Network does have the right to know exactly what can be monitored and how. Please be aware that through the user accounts Litchfield monitors all internet activity. In addition all internet sites are recorded by user account and automated reports are generated based on inappropriate use.
  • All such information files created or accessed on any Litchfield owned computer are automatically recorded and can be reviewed.
  • Real time monitoring of all computer systems when in use can include remotely watching the screen or taking over the workstation. This monitoring is generally used to provide technical support to the user from a remote site.
  • Offensive or inappropriate material gained in the any of the above means will be submitted to an appropriate supervisor with disciplinary recommendations.

Email use:

  • If a user is accessing personal email through the LBOE Computer Network, it should be for the purpose of education only. This would include transferring documents created by the student to the teacher.
  • LBOE does not permit transferring programs via email.


  • Only approved educational games under the direct supervision of a teacher in whole-class or small-group instruction will be allowed.
  • Accessing or attempting to access games online is not permitted and is considered in violation of this RAUT.

Social Networking:

The use by students of social networking sites, such as but not limited to Facebook, MySpace, You Tube, Flickr, Twitter, etc., as well as the internal academic networking site on District Computers shall be in conformity with the following guidelines.

  • The search for illegal, crude, crass, and inappropriate things is not acceptable and should be avoided.
  • The computers, and social networking sites, should be used for research and school projects or to connect with other students in a positive manner.
  • The social networking sites shall not be used to harass other students.
  • It is necessary to be mindful of copyright infringement, plagiarism, and illegal downloading.
  • When in doubt, ask a teacher or administrator if the site to be used is appropriate.
  • Leave an inappropriate site immediately when accessing such a site is in error.
  • Assignments involving the use of social networking tools on the Internet are like any other school assignment and subject to the policies and procedures in the student handbook.
  • Online social networking and the increasing use of Internet sites which contain personal information also increases the opportunity for unwelcome and unsolicited written material, pictures, and/or videos.
  • Harassment in any form, including electronically posted comments, is unacceptable.

Social Networking and Bullying (Cyber-bullying):

Students shall not use social networking sites, such as but not limited to Facebook, MySpace, You Tube, Flickr, Twitter, etc., for any acts of bullying.

  • Electronically posted comments, pictures, or other content will be considered bullying if they have a direct and negative impact on another student's or group of students' feelings of safety in school, on school grounds, or on the bus.
  • This includes electronic content of any kind that leads to a student's or group of students' inability to work or learn in school or at home due to emotional distress.
  • This includes electronic content of any kind that leads to an unsafe classroom environment or causes or contributes to a teacher's loss of control over the classroom or the classroom activities.

Chat Rooms, Blogs, Discussion Boards:

  • Access to chat rooms, blogs, and discussion boards is restricted to educational use only. This will be led by a staff member/teacher and must be pre-approved by a building level administrator prior to the lesson.
  • No instant messaging will be permitted, unless the teachers and/or students have met with the above qualifications.

Storage Capacity:

  • To ensure that account users remain within the allocated disk space, students should periodically delete unwanted files or data that are no longer needed and take up excessive storage space.

Prior to receiving a user name and password:

  • User must have a signed user agreement, a RAUT, on file.
  • A child-friendly RAUT for younger students in grades 4 – 6 has been provided for classroom use and signing.


  • User names and passwords will be assigned. Generally this is in the form of first initial last name, but the System Administrator reserves the right to assign any name based on what is available.
  • Passwords will be a minimum of 2 characters long and a maximum of 8 characters long.
  • As a guideline, passwords should be a combination of numbers and characters and should not be something personal.

Penalties for Improper Use:

  • All computers will have remote monitoring software installed on them, enabling IT staff and select administrative personnel to remotely view the work being done on that computer.
  • The use of the LBOE Computer Network and equipment, including the account, is a privilege, not a right.
  • Inappropriate use may result in the restriction or cancellation of the account.
  • Inappropriate use may lead to any disciplinary and/or legal action, including but not limited to suspension or expulsion or criminal prosecution by government authorities.
  • LBOE will attempt to tailor any disciplinary action to meet the specific concerns related to each violation.

Food or Drink will not be taken or consumed in computer classrooms or near any workstation!

Litchfield Public School
Regulation Effective: 6/22/2015

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