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5131.41 1 to 1 Computing




New technologies continue to change and enhance the world in which we live and to provide new and positive educational benefits for the Litchfield School District learning environment. To prepare our students to be college and career ready, the Board of Education supports the appropriate use of 1-to-1 electronic devices for educational purposes. The use of electronic devices shall be in accordance with the Board's policy and the "Regulations for Acceptable Use of Technology." (RAUT).


1-to-1 Computing (both on or off school grounds): The expectation is that all devices will be used for academic purposes only. The student is responsible for the condition and security of their district-owned device. The student is responsible for the cost of replacing any school-issued device that is lost, damaged or stolen. Lost, stolen, or damaged devices should be immediately reported to the IT Help Desk or to the Main Office. The student shall not modify or attempt to repair any electronic hardware that is owned by the district. No district-owned device may be loaned to a third party. Log-in information for any district-owned resource is intended only for the individual user and may not be shared. Any student receiving a device from the district must sign all forms, including the "Regulations for Acceptable Use of Technology" (RAUT) as designated by the district prior to release of the device. Any and all district owned, school-provided devices will be returned to the school at the end of the school year, upon student withdrawal from the district, or at the school's request.


Students are responsible for charging electronic devices properly so they are ready for educational use on a daily basis. The district will provide limited access to charging stations for emergency purposes. The district cannot guarantee the capacity at any given time to charge a device.


1-to-1 Computing (both on or off school grounds): The district reserves the right to view any material at any time on a district-owned electronic device. The student will turn over any district-owned device immediately upon the request from an administrator and/or his/her designee.

STUDENTS # 5131.41(b)


1-to-1 Computing (both on or off school grounds): Students may not download any software to a district-owned device without permission from the teacher or the Tech Department. Students are responsible to keep their own software records and back-up data.


The district may require reasonably priced insurance for all 1-to-1 devices. All participants shall sign a form provided by the district prior to the release of devices ensuring compliance with appropriate usage policies, proper care and handling of the devices, and acknowledgement of the consequences in the event of loss or damage.

In the case of loss or damage to the device, an investigation will be conducted and the student shall may be responsible for the cost of its repair or replacement.

Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: 12/12/2012
Policy Revised: 6/17/2015

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