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5131.8 FORM Senior Phone Privilege Contract Form


Regulation FORM


Senior Phone Privilege Contract

By signing this, I _______________________________agree to follow the rules as set out in the handbook as appropriate conduct. In addition, I understand that I may not:

  1. Use my phone in any room other than the Senior Lounge;
  2. Take pictures of any student;
  3. Visit inappropriate sites;
  4. Use my phone privileges to harass another person;
  5. Turn on my phone unless I am in the senior lounge;
  6. Allow another student to use my phone inappropriately.

If I witness inappropriate cell phone usage, I must report it to the Principal or Dean of Students immediately. If I use my phone inappropriately, I understand I will lose my privileges immediately and there will be no opportunity to regain them.

Student signature: ___________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________

By signing below, parents agree to let their child use their cell phone in the designated area and that phone use is a privilege that will be taken away if abused.

Parent signature: _____________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________

Litchfield Public Schools
Form Created: 9/28/2015
Revised: 6/6/2018

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