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5137.1 Participation in Extracurricular Activities




It is the policy of the Litchfield Board of Education to require students participating in interscholastic athletic programs and extracurricular activities sponsored by the Board to pay participation fees when necessary as set forth in this policy. Interscholastic athletic programs and extracurricular activities are integral and meaningful aspects of the mission of the schools. Assessment of a fee for participation in those programs is contrary to the educational philosophy of Litchfield Public Schools and to the public school philosophy so deeply rooted in our nation. Interscholastic athletic programs and extracurricular activities should be free of charge for students; however, Litchfield Public Schools may find it necessary to charge a fee during difficult financial times. When a fee is assessed for participation in Extracurricular Activities, the Board of Education should view the fee as a temporary measure and work to eliminate it as soon as possible.


For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

Extracurricular activities are activities sponsored by the Board that are supplementary to the basic educational curriculum offered by the Board and typically occur outside the normal school day and have a paid advisor or supervisor. Activities where a certified instructor is necessary, credit is issued or the activity is an extension of the school curriculum, are not considered extracurricular activities. Participation in extracurricular activities is voluntary.

Interscholastic athletic program includes all athletic teams sponsored by the Board that participate in interscholastic competition and that are governed by the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Association ("CIAC"). Each sport and each athletic season shall be considered a separate athletic program.

Family means a student, his/her parent(s) and/or legal guardian and legally recognized siblings.

B.Fee Schedule:

A student participating in an interscholastic athletic program or extracurricular activity shall be charged $75 per athletic program or extracurricular activity per year up to a maximum amount of $300 per family per school year. The Board of Education shall annually review and affirm, adjust, or eliminate this fee.

C.Waiver of Participation Fees:

Any student may request a full or partial waiver of participation fees based upon financial hardship. Any student requesting such a waiver shall submit his or her request in writing to the building principal. Such request shall remain confidential to the extent practicable.

The Superintendent shall:

  • Develop regulations regarding the procedures and standards for granting waivers of student participation fees.
  • Identify extracurricular activities.

Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: November 18, 2003
Policy Revised: May 24, 2005
Policy Reviewed: November 6, 2013

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