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5137.1 REGULATION Participation Fees for Extracurricular Activities


Administrative Regulation



The following rules shall apply to the Extracurricular Activities Participation Fee (the fee):

1.)The Superintendent shall provide annually to the Board of Education a list identifying all Extracurricular Activities including Interscholastic Athletic Programs (governed by the CIAC) for which a fee shall be assessed. The annual list shall include any co-op athletic activity for which fees are not assessed.The Board of Education must set, adjust or eliminate an existing fee prior to the beginning of each school year.

2.)The fee established by the Board of Education must be paid by check or money order within one week of the start of any activity for which a fee has been imposed, or a waiver of the fee applied for and approved.

3.)The fee does not entitle students to equal playing time, position, or status as the other students. Coaches and activity leaders will determine such status as they feel is best for the team, club, or activity.

4.)Exception to the fee Schedule:

a.Athletes who do not meet the one week deadline for submission of the fee will not be allowed to participate on any level (including practice) until payment is received.

b.Athletes who are allowed to join a sport in mid-season for any reason must pay a full fee.

c.Fees paid by athletes who suffer a season-ending injury will be handled on a case by case basis.

d.Athletic Team Managers will not be required to pay

e.Volunteers performing auxiliary duties upon the request of staff necessary for the success of a team, club or activity will not be required to pay.

5.)Students who are approved for, or eligible to be approved for, free or reduced price meals may submit a waiver form (available in the building's main office or within the Athletic Department handbook) to the building principal. Upon receipt of the request, the principal will contact the Business Manager for review and verification of eligibility for a waiver. Additionally, any student may request a full or partial waiver of participation fees based upon financial hardship by submitting a waiver form to the building principal. Such requests shall remain confidential to the extent practicable.

6.)Persons seeking, but denied, waiver of the fee may appeal the building principal's decision to the Superintendent of Schools within ten (10) days of the building principal's decision. The Superintendent's decision will be final and there shall be no further right of appeal.

Litchfield Board of Education
Regulation Adopted: September 28, 2004

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