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5141.12 FORM AED Notification Letter


FORM - Appendix IV


AED Notification Letter

To: Office of Emergency Medical Services

From: Litchfield Public School System

We would like to notify you and your department about a Public Access Defibrillators available in the Litchfield Public Schools. Our medical advisor is Dr. James McKay. He works directly with our school district's superintendent and school nurses regarding implementation and management of the AED program. We have AEDs in each of the 3 Litchfield Public Schools: Center School, Litchfield Intermediate School, and Litchfield High School which are strategically placed and readily accessible for use when needed in an emergency situation. The school RN and other predetermined AED providers have received the appropriate and necessary training. A list of predetermined AED providers is available in the RN's office and each of the school's main offices. The predetermined AED providers are the school RN and any other person who has received CPR and AED training (by the American Red Cross, or the American Heart Association) and has his/her certification of such training on file with the school nurse, has received and read the Litchfield Public School System Emergency Response Plan, and has certified in writing his/her agreement to comply with the same.



School Nurse


School Medical Advisor

Litchfield Board of Education
Form Adopted: February 15, 2006

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