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5141.12 REGULATION Procedure for Use of AEDs Automatic External Defibrillators


Administrative Regulation




  1. Automatic External Defibrillator(AED) – a device that (A) is used to administer an electric shock through the chest wall to the heart; (B) contains internal decision-making electronics, microcomputers and/or special software that allows it to interpret physiological signals, make medical diagnosis, and, if necessary, apply therapy; (C) guides the user through the process of using the device by audible or visual prompts; and (D)does not require the user to employ any discretion or judgment in its use.
  2. Predetermined AED Provider – a person who voluntarily is certified in CPR and AED administration and has a copy of his her certification record on file with AED Program Coordinator/School Nurse of that school building.

II.Defibrillator Locations:

  1. The AEDs will be strategically placed in the school buildings, and will be readily accessible to predetermined AED providers to maximize rapid utilization.

III.Requirements for Predetermined AED Providers

  1. Predetermined AED Providers must successfully complete a national cognitive and skills evaluation in accordance with the curriculum of the American Heart Association (AHA), Heartsaver AED Program or the American Red Cross, CPR with AED course.
  2. All members of the Emergency Response Team shall maintain their credentials by participating in refresher training as required to maintain a valid certificate. This certification must be submitted to the School Nurse annually. A list of predetermined AED providers is maintained by the School Nurse, and a copy of this list is available to the school's building administrator/s annually, and as necessary with updates an/or revisions as they occur.
  3. Predetermined AED Providers must be provided with updates and/or revisions as they occur, be given a copy of the Procedure for Use of an AED by the School Nurse, and such person(s) are responsible for reading and understanding the Procedure for Use of an AED.

IV.Responsibility for Operation, Maintenance, Record-Keeping, and Quality Control

  1. The school nurse will perform a visual inspection of the AED and associated equipment once per week. The date of the check will be documented on the check list. (Appendix I)
  2. When the AED is turned on, it will perform a diagnostic check.
  3. Each device has an indicator light (device specific) that tells the user if the machine is in operating order. It will flash in the upper-right corner of the AED indicating that the machine passed its periodic self-check and is ready for use. Any variation of this indicator indicates there is a malfunction. If the School Nurse notes any problems with the AED, the equipment to use the AED, or the AED's self-diagnostic test has identified any problems, the School Nurse will immediately report to the building's administrator(s) and/or the Town of Litchfield's facility manager.
  4. The AED will be located in the above mentioned locations and not moved unless being used for a rescue, training, or maintenance.
  5. The AED will always be stocked with a spare set of electrodes, 4x4 gauze pads, Pocket Mask, razor, gloves, and scissors.

V.Procedure for Use

  1. Only predetermined AED providers shall be permitted to use the AEDs.
  2. Predetermined AED providers accessing the AEDs shall maintain control of such equipment at all times.
  3. The event response and Protocol will be in keeping with each building's emergency response plan for medical emergencies and will follow the event response and protocol as identified in the emergency response plan in the event of a cardiac arrest on the premises.
  4. The predetermined AED provider must sign his/her name and date to the AED Event Summary as soon as possible under the circumstances (Appendix II). This will be forwarded to the School Nurse within 48 hours of the incident.
  5. Prior to returning an AED to its location, the predetermined AED providers shall ensure the AED is functional and has all the appropriate equipment for future use (electrode pads, gloves, pocket mask, or one-way valve (when applicable), razor (if necessary), and battery (does the indicator reveal that the device is operational?) In the absence of the School Nurse, the AED rescuer who has used the AED is responsible for re-equipping the unit with these accessories prior to returning it to service. Supplies for the device are located in the School Nurse Office. Any problems with the AED or equipment needed to use the AED will be immediately reported to the building's administrator(s) and the building's school nurse and such will be marked on the User's Checklist (Appendix I).
  6. Predetermined AED providers may only use AED's in medically necessary and appropriate circumstances, in accordance with their training and certification.
  7. After use of the AED, the predetermined AED provider shall notify the School Nurse, and the building's administrator(s), who then will inform the Superintendent of Schools.
  8. Each time the AED is used the School Nurse will forward a copy of the AED's event summary to the school district's Medical Advisor for his/her review. This will be forwarded within 48 hours of the incident.

Appendix I Lifepak CR Plus Defibrillator User's checklist

Appendix II AED Event Summary Litchfield Public Schools

Appendix III Litchfield Public School District Certification of Compliance with Procedure for Use of AED

Appendix IV Litchfield Public School District AED Notification Letter

Appendix V Litchfield Public School District AED Registry Form

Litchfield Board of Education
Regulation Adopted: February 15, 2006
Regulation Revised: April 2, 2014

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