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5141.3 Health Assessment and Immunizations




The Board of Education recognizes the importance of periodic health assessments according to state health regulations.

To determine health status of students, facilitate the removal of disabilities to learning and find whether some special adaptation of the school program may be necessary, the Board of Education requires that students have health assessments.

The Board of Education adheres to those state laws and regulations that pertain to school immunizations and health assessments. It is the policy of the Board of Education to insure that all enrolled students are adequately immunized against communicable diseases. The Board may deny continued attendance in school to any student who fails to obtain the health assessments required under C.G.S. 10-206 and C.G.S. 10-204(a) as may be periodically amended.

The Superintendent shall annually designate a representative to receive reports of health assessments and immunizations from health care providers.

Children may be exempted or excused from health assessments or immunizations if the parent presents:

  1. a written statement that the immunization is contrary to the religious beliefs of such child.
  2. a certificate from a physician stating that in the opinion of the physician such immunization is medically contraindicated because of the physical condition of such child.

It is the responsibility of the Principal to insure that each student enrolled has been adequately immunized and has fulfilled the required health assessments. The school nurse shall check and document immunizations and health assessments on all students enrolling in school and to report the status to the school principal. The school nurse shall also contact parents or guardians to make them aware if immunizations and/or health assessments are insufficient or not up-to-date. The school nurse will maintain in good order the immunization and health assessment records of each student enrolled.

No record of any student's medical assessment may be open to the public.

As required, the District will annually report to the Department of Public Health and to the local health director the asthma data, pertaining to the total number of students per school and for the district, obtained through the required asthma assessments, including student demographics. Such required asthma diagnosis shall occur at the time of mandated health assessment at the time of enrollment, in either grade six or seven, and in either grade nine or ten. Such asthma diagnosis shall be reported whether or not it is recorded on the health assessment form, at the aforementioned intervals. The District, as required, will also participate in annual school surveys conducted by the

Department of Public Health pertaining to asthma.

Students participating in interscholastic sports shall be required to have an annual physical examination by, and approval of, their physician, (legally qualified practitioner of medicine) and permission from their parents or guardian prior to participating in any sport. One physical examination every 13 months shall be sufficient for all sports in which the student participates, provided the physician approves participation in each of the sports. After this 13 month period the athlete shall be ineligible until the physical is updated. Should a student suffer serious injury, subsequent to the time the physician has approved participation, the student shall be required to show evidence that the physician has reviewed the student's condition and continues to approve such participation.

(cf. 5111 – Ages of Attendance)
(cf. 5125 - Student Records; Confidentiality)
(cf. 5141.7 – Student Sports - Concussion and Head Injuries)

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Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: August 18, 1987
Policy Revised: October 25, 1994
Policy Reviewed: October 1, 1998
Policy Revised: April 27, 1999
Policy Reviewed: October 2, 2000
Policy Revised: October 12, 2000
Policy Revised: February 15, 200
Policy Revised: January 6, 2010
Policy Revised: November 30, 2011
Policy Revised: August 13, 2014

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