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5150 School Family Community Partnership




The Litchfield Board of Education recognizes that a child's education is a responsibility shared by the school and the family. The Board believes that schools and parents, guardians and care-givers must work cooperatively in supervising and supporting students in order for them to reach their maximum potential.

Parent involvement programs will be comprehensive and coordinated in nature, to facilitate a broad variety of opportunities for parents to connect frequently with the schools in which their children are enrolled and with the overall District. They will include, but not be limited to, the following components of successful parent involvement programs:

Promote and support responsible parenting.

Engage in regular and meaningful communication between the home and the school.

Encourage parents to actively assist in and encourage student learning.

Offer parents opportunities to participate in and assist with school activities.

Include parents in the decisions which affect their children and families.

Create community partnerships and utilize community resources to strengthen school programs and family support of student learning.

The Board of Education supports professional development opportunities for staff members to enhance understanding of effective parent involvement strategies. The Board also recognizes the importance of administrative leadership in setting expectations and creating a climate conducive to parental participation.

Litchfield Board of Education

Policy Adopted: November 17, 1998
Policy Revised: December 17, 2014

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