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6000 Concept and Roles in Instruction




The Board recognizes that the key work of school boards is to establish and promote a clear vision of student achievement as the top priority for the District. The Superintendent will ensure development and implementation of district-wide programming for student improvement that engages the District stakeholders in a continuous improvement planning process.

To further this goal, the Board of Education realizes that in order to attain its educational and curriculum goals, it must stand firm on the preservation of instructional time for all students. The Board further realizes the delicate balance which must be struck between educational activities and learning experiences outside of the classroom and the regular instructional program. Any deviation from the allotment of instructional time designated for each subject matter area must be weighed thoughtfully by the building administration and faculty as to its educational merit for the students involved.

The Board shall continuously monitor the quality of the District's work. The Superintendent shall supervise each school's process for continuous school improvement. Further, each District school shall establish school improvement plans that contain:

  • District student learning objectives
  • Assessment systems for measuring students' progress in the fundamental learning areas; and
  • Reporting systems for informing the community of the school improvement results.

Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: 12/3/1985
Policy Reviewed: 10/1/1998
Policy Revised: 4/1/2015

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