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6112.1 School Day




Opening Exercises, Observances, Ceremonies, Programs

Each homeroom and elementary class shall conduct opening exercises each school day including the salute to the flag, reading of announcements and notices, and a moment of silent meditation for those students and teachers who wish to avail themselves of such time for such purpose.

In observances of legal, state and national holidays, recognition may be made as appropriate to the historical and cultural value of such holidays.

Ceremonial events shall be conducted as appropriate to the occasion, with sensitivity and respect toward pupils whose cultural backgrounds may differ from that of the event being observed.

School programs are valuable components of the total education program, and teachers shall be free to use music, literature, drama, poetry, art and dance, with origins in any faith, based upon the artistic merit and/or performance suitability of the available material and the interests and capabilities of the teachers and pupils producing the program. Similar academic criteria shall apply to any aspect of the curriculum.

Students and teachers shall have the right to refuse, for reasons of conscience, to participate in or attend any activity or program which includes material which they may deem contrary to personal beliefs.


The school year shall consist of a minimum of 180 days of actual school sessions for grades kindergarten through grade twelve.

The school year shall consist of a minimum of 900 hours of actual school work for grades one through twelve.

The district shall not count more than seven hours of actual work in any school day toward the total required for the school year.

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Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: 2/13/1996
Policy Reviewed: 10/1/1998
Policy Revised: 4/1/2015

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