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9010 Limits of Authority




The Board of Education is the unit of authority. Apart from the normal function as part of the unit, the Board member has no individual authority. Individually, the Board members cannot do business with the district served, nor should the Board member have an interest in any contract with the school district in general. The Board member does not represent any one segment of the community, but is rather a part of the body which represents and acts for the community as a whole.

No individual member of the Board, by virtue of holding office, shall exercise any administrative responsibility with respect to the schools, nor as an individual command the service of any school employee.

No members of the Board of Education shall be asked to perform any routine or clerical duties which may be assigned to an employee nor shall members of the Board of Education ask or require an employee to perform any duty or service.

Notwithstanding the above, Board members, as elected public officials, can be most effective in apprising the Superintendent of politically sensitive issues without assuming an administrative role.

In addition, Board members acting as members of committees of the Board, can contribute in formulating policy, studying issues and developing approaches to problems when working in concert with the Superintendent of Schools.

If a student is appointed as a non-voting member of the Board of Education, they will represent the student body in discussion of Board matters as it may pertain to the student population of the Litchfield Public Schools.

(cf. 4118.21 Academic Freedom)
(cf. 5145.2 Freedom of Expression / Speech)
(cf. 6144 Controversial Issues)
(cf. 9000 Role of Board and Members)

Legal Reference:
Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-220 Duties of boards of education.
Conn. Gen. Stat. § 10-232 Restrictions on employment of members of the board of education.

Litchfield Board of Education
Bylaw Adopted: 12/6/1983
Bylaw Reviewed: 4/27/1999
Bylaw Revised: 1/20/2010, 3/2/2016

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