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9270 Conflict of Interest




The Board desires its members not only to adhere to all laws and statutes regarding conflicts of interest, but to be continually aware of situations which have the appearance of conflict of interest and to avoid actions that might embarrass themselves or the Board. While it is the intent that Board members abide by this policy, enforcement is governed by the Town's ethics policy and procedures.

1.No member of the Board shall have any direct pecuniary interest in a contract with the school district, nor shall they furnish any labor, equipment, or supplies to the district for compensation. It is not the intent of this bylaw to prevent the district from contracting with corporations or businesses because a Board member is an employee of the firm. However, in such instances, the member will be expected to declare their association with the firm and will refrain from debating or voting on the issue.

2.Board members may not be employed by the Board or school district. Furthermore, any Board member who has an immediate family member (as defined below) who is employed by, enrolled in the Litchfield chapter of a school union or negotiating body that has a contract with the Board, will refrain from voting on issues that directly apply to said family member.

3.The Board will always seek to avoid appointing its members' relatives by blood or marriage (as defined below) to a position within the school district. If the Superintendent recommends a Board member's relative for appointment, that member must fully disclose that relationship in a public meeting and withdraw from debating or voting on the issue.

4.The Board shall be bound by the Code of Ethics of the Town of Litchfield.

Note: As used in this policy, the term "immediate family" shall mean spouse, guardian, domestic partner, civil union partner, parent, child, sibling – including step or half, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin and in-laws – including son, daughter, sister, brother, father, mother.

* Interest shall mean pecuniary or material interest.

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Litchfield Board of Education
Bylaw Adopted: 12/6/1983
Bylaw Revised: 5/25/1999, 4/19/2006, 3/3/2010, 10/2/2013, 10/3/2018

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