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9312 Board Responsibilities




Based on recommendations from the Superintendent of Schools, the Board will:

1.Periodically review its philosophy and goals and make adjustments as appropriate.

2.Develop and approve an annual budget in support of the educational program.

3.Establish and maintain recruiting procedures and personnel practices that attract and encourage excellence.

4.Monitor student achievement through various tools of assessment and identify strengths and weaknesses to address student needs.

5.Maintain a policy manual that defines the techniques the Board will utilize to meet its responsibility and which provides guidelines and direction to the Superintendent.

6.Encourage open communications and involvement of the community in the educational process.

7.Entrust no authority to individual Board members when the Board is not in session unless authorized by the Board.

8.Function independently of other local government bodies, except as provided by state law and town charter.

9. Evaluate its performance in relation to these goals, and to establish and clarify policies based upon the results of such evaluation.

Litchfield Board of Education
Policy Adopted: 12/14/1982
Policy Revised: 4/21/2010; 9/5/2018

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