LEN Fasano Picture

Len Fasano is the Facilities Manager of Litchfield public Schools. Len was hired by the Town of Litchfield in July of 2015. Len has over 35 years of experience of Managing Facility Maintenance in Retail, Health Care and Education. The Facility Manager is responsible for all plant operations specifically custodial services, maintenance services, utilities, equipment maintenance and building furnishings.

The Facility Manager is tasked with:

  • Keeping our buildings and grounds maintained;
  • Keeping our buildings clean with the use of Green cleaning products;
  • Making sure my staff follows all Safety and Health code procedures;
  • Making sure all exterior vendor contracts are being followed;
  • Making sure my staff follows all security procedures;
  • Responsible for scheduling and approving all internal and external Facility Use Applications.
  • Overseeing the energy management, fire and burglar alarm systems.
  • Keeping all staff up to date with mandated yearly training.

Email : fasanol@litchfieldschools.org