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(in accordance with Public Act 16-189)

Click here for a Contractor Verification Form (PDF)

(in accordance with Public Act 16-67)

No vendor is allowed onsite unless we are informed in advance, and a contractor verification form is completed and provided to Central Office, Any vendor coming onsite must park in a visitor parking spot, and there is no smoking or vaping on premise.


4149 and 4249 REGULATION Employee Use of the District's Technology Systems

Staff RAUT Form Only

High School and Middle School

District Loaned Device Program Guide (PDF)

District Loaned Device Program Guide Form Only (PDF)

* 3rd Party Electronics Insurance can be purchased for your Students Technology. Please note, Litchfield Schools does not endorse any 3rd Party Agencies but would be happy to help provide information you may require when setting this up. If you Google "Electronics Device Insurance" you will find a few 3rd Party Agencies.

Elementary and Intermediate School

Family-Friendly Technology RAUT for Children (PDF)

Pay Technology fees online: