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Annual Tech Checklist

For Elementary Students

1. Parents, Review the Tech Fee

For Middle and High School Students 

  1. With your student, Read the 1:1 Student Loaned Device Program Guide.
  2. With your student, Read the Technology Policy.
  3. Read and Sign the Technology Agreement (RAUT) Form.
  4. Pay the Student Technology Fee.
    1. (If entering Grade 7, 9 or are new to the Middle or High School

* Devices will be issued the first few days back to school *  

Please open a ticket to contact Tech.  Thank you!

High School and Middle School

1. District Loaned Device Program Guide (PDF)


* 3rd Party Electronics Insurance can be purchased for your Students Technology. Please note, Litchfield Schools does not endorse any 3rd Party Agencies but would be happy to help provide information you may require when setting this up. If you Google "Electronics Device Insurance" you will find a few 3rd Party Agencies.

2. Technology Policy (PDF)

3. Technology Agreement (RAUT)

To view the digital Technology Agreement (RAUT) click here for a new window click here.


Click here for a PDF version of this form.

4. Electronic Payments online

Pay online using MySchoolBucks

This is the same system we use for Food Services, 1 convenient location.  Funds remain separate.

Elementary and Intermediate School


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