Safety Tip Line

The safety and security of your children is our highest priority. With that in mind, the Litchfield Public School District has launched a new building safety and transportation e-mail tip line that will enhance the safety and welfare of our students and staff.

The tip line is designed for use as an online reporting and prevention tool, specifically related to Building Safety and Student Transportation.

If students, parents or community members know of an unsafe area in one of our buildings, or would like to report an unsafe bus transportation issue, they can share that information with school officials by sending an e-mail to:

Sample issues include parking lot conditions, unlocked doors, playground safety, unsafe sidewalk conditions, indoor air quality, or issues with bus transportation.

When making your report, please include as much detailed information as possible to assist school administrators in investigating and addressing the concerns.

The Tip line is intended for building environment and transportation concerns. The TIP line is NOT intended for use for issues such as cyber or physical bullying, situations of abuse, talk of a fight, drug abuse or anything that involves the parent, teacher and principal relationship. For these concerns, please contact the building Principal, Director of Pupil Services, or Superintendent directly.

The tip line is intended to give students and parents a fast, effective way to report unsafe building and transportation situation anonymously.

Building safety and transportation concerns can also be reported directly to:

Jeremiah Sattazahn


Policy information can be found on our school website at:
Business and Non-Instructional Safety (Policy 3516)