Standardized Testing



Standardized Testing: PSAT/SAT/ACT

To register for a standardized test, you may need Litchfield High School's CEEB Code: 070355.


The State of Connecticut has adopted the SAT as the state's high school standardized assessment. All juniors will complete the SAT in the spring of their junior year. For additional information, please visit the CT Department of Education website.

  • The PSAT serves as practice for the SAT, provides a valuable standardized testing opportunity, and will provide insight into areas where a student can improve.
  • Scores wil be released online to students and their families, and can be accessed by clicking here: PSAT Score Access
  • For directions on how to link your CollegeBoard and Khan Academy accounts, please click here.
SAT and SAT Subject Tests
  • The SAT and SAT Subject Tests are designed to assess your academic readiness for college. These exams provide a path to opportunities, financial support, and scholarships, in a way that's fair to all students. The SAT and SAT Subject Tests keep pace with what colleges are looking for today, measuring the skills required for success in the 21st century.
  • For additional information on both tests, and to register for the tests, you should visit the CollegeBoard website.
  • For information about various colleges' policies about the Writing Test, click here.


  • The ACT is a national college admissions examination that consists of subject area tests in: English Mathematics Reading Science The ACT with writing includes the four subject area tests plus an optional 40-minute writing test.
  • For additional information about the ACT, and to register for the test, please click here.

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Standardized Testing Optional Colleges

Not all college and universities require the SAT or ACT for admission. To see a list of schools that are test optional, please visit the FairTest website here.