The Legacy Program

Our Vision

The Legacy Program
at Litchfield High School provides an educational experience for juniors and seniors who seek an alternative to the traditional high school day and/or environment. Offering a modified school schedule, additional academic and emotional supports, and specialized programming and planning, the Legacy Program exists to foster acceptance, cultivate curiosity, encourage personal achievement, and promote lifelong learning while providing every student an individualized pathway to successfully meet LHS graduation requirements.


Our Guiding Principles

We believe in the importance
of a high school diploma.

We believe that students who attend school
every day will make significant changes in their lives.

We believe that academic persistence
leads to self-respect and confidence.

We believe that we gain and grow
by responding openly to difference and diversity.

We believe in integrity, honesty,
positivity, and responsibility.

We believe in the student-teacher-family partnership.

We believe in the value of life-long learning.

Program Coordinator:
Lynn Rice Scozzafava

Kristen Della Volpe

Dean of Students:
Michael Valerio

860.567.7538 (fax)