The Schools and the Board of Education recognize that our volunteers make many valuable contributions to our students and programs. Thus, the Board endorses a program encouraging community residents to take an active role in improving our schools by becoming school volunteers. Of course to ensure the safety of all students, the Board must implement suitable regulations and safeguards, such as requiring that volunteers register with the schools and, in some instances such as for out-of-state and overnight field trips, are fingerprinted.

Litchfield School District's Volunteer Registration Form (PDF)


Since January of 2016, we have switched to EdAdvance in Litchfield for fingerprinting. After completing the Volunteer Registration Form below, your school principal will let you know if fingerprinting is required. If so, Central Office will provide all additional forms which you will take with you to EdAdvance at 355 Goshen Rd, Litchfield, (Phone: (860) 567-0863). It takes approximately 16-20 weeks to get the results.

Board of Education Volunteer Policy (PDF)
Board of Education Volunteer Regulation (PDF)

Helpful Hints:

1. A volunteer must complete a "Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability" every year to remain on our active volunteer listing.

2. Please be sure to use your legal name (not a nickname) when completing the Volunteer Information Form and Waiver of Liability.

3. Please write clearly.

4. If a school principal indicates that you may be chaperoning an out-of-state or overnight field trip, Central Office will send the required documentation to your home to schedule your fingerprinting. This is done through EdAdvance (formerly Education Connection). There will be no charge, at this time, to the volunteer as long as they take the form that will be provided to you from Central Office.

5. If a volunteer was fingerprinted or background checked in a previous year and has remained on our active volunteer listing every year, they will not be required to be re-fingerprinted. If you miss a year of registering to chaperone and then wish to chaperone an out-of-state or overnight trip you will be required to be re-fingerprinted. Just a gentle reminder to always complete your volunteer form so that you retain the active status.

Please remember that it will take 16-20 weeks for processing of fingerprints. This cannot be rushed in any way so please plan accordingly.

Thank you,
Litchfield Public Schools