Intermediate School

Litchfield Intermediate School Vision

The records of the Litchfield Historical Society tell us that the Litchfield Intermediate School was originally designed and opened as the Litchfield Junior High School. The grand opening was Sep 3, 1968; and 439 students in Grades 6 - 8 attended that first year. John M. Johansen, an innovative modern architect in the 60's, designed the building at a cost of $1,596.806. The Auditorium was hailed as a welcome replacement for sitting on the High School bleachers at community events. The brightly-colored metal siding was added to the concrete structure as part of a redesign in 2007 by Newman Architects.

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Litchfield Intermediate School Mission Statement

"The Litchfield Intermediate School is committed to providing an excellent Educational program which addresses the varied academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of an inquiring, vibrant, and emerging adolescent student body."