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Special Community Update (3.29.2020)
Special Community Update (3.29.2020)

Dear Community,

We are at a historic time in our world and in education.

I think back to August and a sleepless night before holding the first joint back-to-school convocation. I knew in my heart that we were going to create history this year with an unprecedented collaboration between two districts – LPS and RSD6.

That collaboration proved possible and tomorrow it becomes an even greater reality. The story and work of staff to create a Distance Learning program for our students goes beyond words or hours. Today, I am less nervous and more excited about the potential of the future.

Although I don't know exactly what that future holds I know the last two weeks without students in schools have been difficult for everyone. The pictures, videos, and emails, have given personal strength to the staff and me. We are educators and our students are why we do this work.

Attached you will find a special video (it is a little old school / new school). This was produced with the help of my son, Xavier, who like many is learning his way through this new world education. In summary, we are all learning new things, new rules, new ideas, and a new form of education at this time. I know that we will all be stronger for the work put forward.

My best wishes to everyone (students, staff, parents, and community) as we embark on the next phase of this journey.

Stay healthy. Stay strong. Live forward.