Bullying, Sexual Harassment, Technology

In this section of the website, you'll find the information you need regarding key issues governing today's school districts. Our goal is to create a safe, friendly environment for every child and staff member so that teaching and learning can take place unhampered by fear or confusion.

The Bullying and Sexual Harassment brochures and the RAUT (Regulations for Acceptable Use of Technology) have been created in child-friendly language to make this information easier to discuss with your children. Our bullying information includes the BOE policies and the Safe School Climate Plan and is available in a family-friendly format that parents can use with their children regardless of their child's role: Victim, Bully, or Observer. In general, our motto for addressing bullying will be this: "If it's mean, intervene." Period.

We recognize that the RAUT carries with it an obligation to ensure our curriculum delves into the merits and pitfalls of social media and electronic communications. Watch for new programming in this area. The full-text student RAUT is also provided below.

The Student/Parent Handbook is available online under a separate tab.

We hope you will find these online resources a 'greener' and friendlier way to find the policies you might need day-to-day. If you would like to receive a hard copies, please contact your child's school.



The Litchfield Public Schools are committed to safe and friendly environments for all students. The administrators and staff embrace a philosophy "If it's Mean, Intervene!" knowing that, despite our programming, sometimes mean behaviors do occur within our school communities. We recognize it is important to correct these behaviors even when they do not fit the State of Connecticut's much stricter definition of bullying. Mean behaviors which go unchecked, and which clearly violate our provisions for a safe school climate, may ultimately damage the perpetrator, the victim, and the bystander. Below you will find a detail of the Safe School Climate Plan approved by the Board of Education. In addition, you may be interested in these following important documents, the first two of which can help you discuss Bullying or Sexual Harassment in family-friendly terms with your children.

Bullying in Schools: A Parents Guide (PDF)

Safe School Climate Plan (PDF)

Safe School Climate Violation Reporting Form for Reporter of Incident(s) (PDF)

#5131.2 Bullying Behavior in Schools (PDF)

#5131.2 Regulation: Bullying Behavior in Schools (PDF)

Sexual Harassment

Providing specific information about sexual harassment is intended to help schools and parents work together to both protect our children and to introduce the subject of sexual harassment to our children in an age-appropriate way. It is our legal obligation as a school district to educate our students on the definition, types, effects, and protections against sexual harassment. The brochure attached below has been created in child-friendly language to make this topic and information easier to discuss with your child.

Sexual Harassment in Schools: A Parent's Guide



4149 and 4249 REGULATION Employee Use of the District's Technology Systems

Staff RAUT Form Only

High School and Middle School

District Loaned Device Program Guide (PDF)

District Loaned Device Program Guide Form Only (PDF)

* 3rd Party Electronics Insurance can be purchased for your Students Technology. Please note, Litchfield Schools does not endorse any 3rd Party Agencies but would be happy to help provide information you may require when setting this up. If you search "Electronics Device Insurance" you will find a few 3rd Party Agency options.

Elementary and Intermediate School

Family-Friendly Technology RAUT for Children (PDF)