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The mission of the Litchfield Public Schools is to provide all students with appropriate academic and personal learning experiences within a safe and supportive educational environment. In partnership with our parents and community, we challenge every learner to acquire the knowledge, skills, and personal attributes needed to become productive and self-directed citizens.
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New Superintendent

The Litchfield Board of Education, in unanimous action, voted 9-0 to elect Lynn McMullin as its new superintendent of schools.

Ms. McMullin is currently the superintendent of schools in Orange, CT. She began her career as a special education teacher in the Vo-Ag program at Suffield High School. She then accepted a position as a teacher of English at East Granby High School after which she transitioned to Canton Middle and High School as a teacher of English and department chair. Her career in Canton progressed as she was then appointed to the position of Director of Curriculum and Instruction, to be followed by her appointment as Assistant Superintendent of Schools. In January 2012 she became superintendent of schools in Orange.

She possesses a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Education, and a Sixth Year in Educational Leadership. Ms. McMullin brings to Litchfield an extensive background in curriculum development, and outstanding experience in the use of technology as instructional and communication tools, two areas that were of particular interest to the Litchfield Board of Education.

Ms. McMullin was one of five finalists interviewed by the Board of Education. Following the first set of interviews, the Board selected two candidates as semi-finalists. Following a second interview, the Board selected Ms. McMullin as the finalist pending a successful site visit to Orange. Four members of the Board conducted a site visit on November 13, at which time they met with members of the Orange staff and members of the Orange Board of Education in ten scheduled sessions. The site committee was comprised of Frank Simone, Chairman, and Gayle Carr, Don Falcetti, and Gary Waugh.

Ms. McMullin will join the Litchfield Public Schools in January 2015.  

CAPSS Student Recognition

Zoe Weik and Conor Ryan, students at Litchfield High School, Middle School student Alexander Allen, and Natalie McDermott, a student at the Litchfield Intermediate School have been awarded the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents’ (CAPSS) Superintendent/Student Recognition Award for leadership service to the school, academic prowess relative to ability, and service to others in the community, at a ceremony held on Wednesday, November 19th, at the Cornucopia Banqueting Hall, in Torrington.

Jennifer Murphy, Principal at Litchfield Intermediate School in Litchfield made the presentations as part of a program designed by school administrators to recognize students who have served their schools and communities while maintaining good scholastic progress.

The Superintendent/Student Recognition Program awards a Certificate of Excellence at the discretion of the local superintendent of schools according to a distribution formula set for all state school districts.  Awards are generally given during American Education Week in order to provide a meaningful focus for each school district and to enhance the quality of the Certificate.

Conor Ryan, a senior at Litchfield High School, has a curiosity that extends to all subjects. Rather than putting an emphasis on grades he tries his best to simply learn to further himself as a person. Besides spending time in the classroom Conor has a passion for music. He has released two EP albums all while being a mainstay in the jazz band. The outdoors is a second home for Conor and he tries to spend as much time as possibly hiking, biking, or canoeing.

Zoë Weik, a senior at Litchfield High School, has a strong work ethic and is consistently on the Honor Roll. She is enthusiastic about science, especially Anatomy and Physiology. Zoë is a Peer Mediator, treasurer of Interact, and Varsity Soccer team captain. One of her many successes is designing the Litchfield Prevention Council website. In her free time you may find her reffing or coaching soccer. She enjoys playing basketball and spending time with her friends and family. She plans to major in Physical Therapy.

Alexander Allen is a very conscientious and inquisitive 8th grader at Litchfield High School. His teachers describe Alexander as a thinker who motivates himself and others to learn more, by bringing in extension materials. Alexander is also a Student Council Representative and participates in multiple sports. He is a mature young man with a good sense of humor who is interested in owning his own business. For these reasons, Alexander Allen has been chosen as the recipient of the Superintendent’s Award.

Natalie McDermott is a conscientious, dedicated student who continually demonstrates outstanding behavior and exemplary academic work. Natalie also participates in chorus, band, Art Club, and Student Leadership Council. Outside of school, Natalie is interested in writing, training her dog, and promoting environmental awareness. She aspires to be a marine biologist. Natalie is always kind and patient towards others. Natalie is an exemplary role model for all students.

CAPSS, the statewide school superintendents’ professional organization, is based in West Hartford and provides professional development, personal support, legislative information, and educational services to its membership. 

November 19, 2014

Dear Parents of Middle School and High School Students:

In February of this year, an effort to conduct a drug and alcohol survey met with some resistance.  While there were questions in the survey that related to privacy and how the data would be used, the primary objection to the survey was based primarily on questions that addressed sexuality.  As a result the survey was cancelled.  Upon reflection, it was a poorly developed survey for the district.

The Board of Education believes that a need remains for a survey.  All students will be asked to take this new thirty-five minute online survey on December 11.

In light of some resistance to the first survey, Stephanie Kubisek, the Assistant Principal at the High School, and I contacted three different firms in an effort to identify an appropriate survey.  The one that best meets Litchfield’s needs is from an agency known as SERAC (Southeastern Regional Action Council.)  The agency was created by the CT General Assembly to address substance abuse and addiction at the local level. SERAC’s survey has been used successfully in every high school in New London County and in several other districts throughout Connecticut.  The survey does not address issues of sexuality.

The primary question you may raise is “Why have a survey?”  The answer is straightforward.  The school district wants to collect data from students regarding their attitudes, perceptions, and practices with respect to substance use and other addictive behaviors.

The second question most likely would be, “What will be done with the data?”  The school district will use the information to provide services and programs that address the needs of students.  The nature of those services and programs will be shaped by the data.  The survey is being conducted in a time frame that allows the administration to request funding in the 2015-2016 budget to support its efforts to assist our student body in dealing with drug and alcohol abuse and its unintended consequences. 

The survey results will be processed by SERAC and the district only receives summary data.  The survey will be conducted online and individual responses will not be reported to the district.  Confidentiality of the data is assured.  Students are never identified. Parent Letter

Copies of the survey are available at the Central Office for review.  Please call Debbie Hodges at 860-567-7500 to make arrangements.

Parents may elect to opt their child out of taking this survey by notifying Kristen Della Volpe, High School Principal, in writing by December 8th. Students who do not take the survey will be in a separate room participating in study hall.  Students may also skip questions.  We prefer that students not elect to do so since the survey is designed to assist them.  Any programs offered at the Middle and High School as a result of the data collected would be for the student body as a whole unless an individual student seeks and receives help from qualified professionals.

On behalf of the Litchfield Board of Education, I ask that you encourage your child to participate in the survey.

The survey is endorsed by the Litchfield Prevention Council.


Herb Pandiscio
Interim Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent Answers Student Questions

re:  Alcohol and Drug Survey

Good morning, I am Herb Pandiscio, the interim superintendent of schools. I want to talk with you for 3-4 minutes to give you information about an upcoming student survey that you may have already heard about. The survey is scheduled to be given on December 11.

 In February of this year there was an unsuccessful effort to conduct a drug and alcohol survey.  At that time, students were given an opportunity to ask questions about the survey or to make comments as to why they did not want to take it. You asked 46 questions. Many of the questions centered around the same few topics.  

 I will try to answer those questions for you now. There are thirteen of them. They are in no particular order.

 The first question was “Is the survey anonymous?” In other words, would your privacy be protected? The answer is yes. The new survey is completed online and sent to a State of CT approved agency for processing. We only receive a summary of the data collected. We never see the individual surveys.

Why are there questions on sexuality? The new survey has no such questions.

Why is the survey being given? The answer is that we want to learn about your attitudes and practices with respect to substance use and other addictive behaviors.

What will you do with the information? The school district will use the information to provide services and programs that help you. What those services and programs are, will be determined by the information you give us on the surveys.

Can we opt out? Yes, but I hope you will take the survey since the data collected are to assist you. If you choose to opt-out, your parent must submit a letter to Ms. Della Volpe by December 8th stating that you will not be taking the survey. If you do opt-out you will be in a separate room for a study hall.

Can we skip questions? You may skip questions if you don’t wish to answer them.

How many questions are there? There are forty-five questions.

How long will it take to complete the survey? Approximately 35 minutes

How good is the survey? We know the new survey is good because of the many high schools that have taken it. For example, all of the high schools school in New London County have taken the survey in addition to several other schools throughout Connecticut.

How do you know that we won’t manipulate the answers to the survey? We don’t know. We trust you to do the best you can.

Who is taking the survey? Students in grades 7-12

Is it hand written? No. You will take the survey on-line through a link provided by the outside agency.

Will I get in trouble for admitting stuff? No. There is no way you can get in trouble. The surveys are never in the school’s possession once you complete them on-line.

One question you didn’t ask was how good is the agency that will be examining the surveys analysis? The agency was established by the State of CT to study substance abuse and addiction on the local level. It is a professional organization and has nothing to gain except to help us.

 I hope you don’t let the poor experience with the survey in February discourage you from taking this survey. It is different and has been used by many other middle and high school students in Connecticut.

 I look forward to your completing the survey on December 11.

 Thank you for listening.

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