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The mission of the Litchfield Public Schools is to provide all students with appropriate academic and personal learning experiences within a safe and supportive educational environment. In partnership with our parents and community, we challenge every learner to acquire the knowledge, skills, and personal attributes needed to become productive and self-directed citizens.
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The Litchfield Board of Education meetings will be held in the
Litchfield Intermediate School Art Room for the remainder of the 2015.

BOE Updates Regulations for Public Comment

The Board of Education voted on Wednesday, September 16th, to make two improvements in the Public Comment portion of its meetings.   Public Comment appears on every Board of Education agenda and every BOE Sub-Committee agenda.  As always, the Board welcomes the viewpoints of the public.

There were two key changes made in the regulations:

1.     People who wish to speak are now expected to complete a form with their name, address, email (optional), and topic.  This allows the Board Chair to sort the forms and call on people by topic.  It also allows the Board Chair or the Superintendent to respond back to the participants with timely answers to their questions or with more information about a BOE decision.

2.     People who wish to speak about a particular staff member or a student must request their concern/complaint be added to the BOE agenda in Executive Session.  These types of complaints are personnel issues.  The people being discussed have the right to respond to any complaints or accusations, and to do so, they must know in advance.   Only they have the right to request that the discussion of them take place in open session.

As has always been the case, people who come to the podium to speak must first state their full name and their Litchfield address before speaking.  However, in the new regulation, the Board wants students who speak to give only their first names and schools.

The Board has always had a three (3) minute limit on public comment, but they rarely enact it.  A three (3) minute limit is helpful whenever many members of the public are waiting to speak.  The Board Chair can also limit discussion of a particular topic to 20 minutes.  These time-limit regulations are not new.

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